“Gods assignment “TYLER PERRY

From being a broke and homeless man, begging for meagre money to eat to being one of the most successful movie producers in the world despite all odds.


Tyler Perry, original name Emmitt Perry Jr, was born in September 13th 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A

Perry had a difficult childhood. He grew up with a physically abusive father (he later changed his name to disassociate himself from his father), attempted suicide, and dropped out of high school, although he eventually passed a high school equivalency exam.

After he heard television personality Oprah Winfrey suggest that writing down personal experiences could be a way to heal, Perry began to keep a journal, which evolved into his first play, “I Know I’ve Been Changed. Perry worked a number of odd jobs to raise money for its first staging, which took place in Atlanta in 1992. His self funded production in which he also starred received almost no attention and sent him into extreme poverty. In his interview with renown gospel minister Juanita Bynum he said; I was expecting about 1200 people to come watch the show. I knew God wanted me to do this but only 30 persons showed up. After the show I asked God what happened but He didn’t say anything. I had lots of bills to pay, I needed to pay rent, I needed to pay the cast who were upset and all. I had told myself i wouldn’t do this again but deep inside of me I still had that knowing that this is what God wanted me to do.


 “In 1998 however, I restaged the play and while getting set for the play I told God this would be the last time and in that moment I heard God say “I am God, I tell you when its over you don’t tell me when it’s over” tears rolled down my eyes and then I said to God but why were you quiet this whole time? And God said “I wanted to prove you” so I’m sitting there crying while God is ministering to me, I got up and I went to the window and there was a line around the corner in the cold trying to get into the place to see the show, it was so amazing it could only have been God and from that point on every show has been sold out time after time”

Today Tyler Perry is the mastermind behind 17 feature films, 20 stage plays, seven television shows, a New York Times bestselling book, Tyler has built an empire that has attracted audiences and built communities, from the Tyler Perry Studios home base in Atlanta, Georgia, throughout the world. Celebrated “among the pantheon of today’s greatest cinematic innovators,” his unique blend of spiritual hope and down-home humor continues to shape his inspiring life story, connecting with fans across the globe and always leaving space to dream.


Tyler Perry never ceases to mention the role his late mother played in his life growing up, how she taught him about Jesus, took him to church and ensured he had a good self-esteem. Tyler dedicated a chapter to her in his book “Higher Is Waiting”


Just last week, amidst the fear of the global Covid-19 pandemic.  Tyler took to his Instagram to start the #HesGotTheWholeWorldChallenge

Where he sang the song and urged others to sing along.  He said; “It’s my hope that we add to this simple song in every language from every nation as we let it become a prayer for our whole world! God bless you today. And remember it’s all in God’s hands”

In a matter of days Tyler Perry has got thousands of people including secular artistes like Mariah Carey, Queen Latifah, Chloe x Halle, LeAnne Rimes, and Usher singing that God’s got the whole world in his hands.