Sonnie Badu releases number 1 song.

Sonnie Badu is a UK-based Ghanaian gospel artist, philanthropist, author, and television presenter who has won multiple awards and special recognition to his name.


Sonnie Badu – Biography, Wife, Kids, Family,

Born: United Kingdom

Spouse: Ann-Marie Badu (m. 2014)

Genre: Christian/Gospel

Albums: Colours of Africa: Live in London, Soundz of Afrika, Lost in His Glory

Parents: Agyeman Prempeh, Julia Agyemang

Despite being raised in a Christian family that worshipped God (Sonnie’s father was a pastor), Sonnie did not take faith too seriously while he was in school. Instead, he was actually focused on football. Sonnie was indeed quite good at playing football and even showed promise of becoming a professional player, but fate had other plans for him.

When he was 18 years old, Sonnie became seriously ill. Nobody could figure out what happened to him, and the boy was fading by the minute. When he thought that there was nothing else to hope for, Sonnie turned to God and promised to dedicate his life to worshipping Him if only the Lord let him live. God heard his prayers and made the disease go away. This was the moment when Sonnie made a decision to become a minister. However, this was not as simple as it might have seemed.

On December 1, 2007, Sonnie Badu released his first gospel album called Lost in Glory. That day signified the start of his career as a worship leader and a renowned gospel artist. For his golden voice and ability to move his audience, Sonnie has been dubbed as The Worshipper. He is also known as the General or the Apostle of Worship. Since 2008, he has been hosting Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu, a charity concert that raises awareness of the pressing issues in Africa. For instance, the 2008 concert was dedicated to victims of violence in Kenya. In addition to this, Sonnie also tours the world with his gospel program, appearing in major cities in Europe, North America and Africa. This year, Sonnie’s career has surpassed a ten-year mark. During this decade, he released three critically acclaimed albums, sang with numerous gospel artists, received an honorary degree from the CICA International University & Seminary (Doctorate of Divinity), became a UN Ambassador of Sacred Music, earned the key to the city of Brooklyn and did so much more.

Brand new released titled “PILLAR OF FIRE” By Sonnie Badu, featuring the RockHill Songs. The single is now available for streaming and

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